Sunday, December 30, 2012

Adrian Peterson is running towards history.

AP is having an MVP type year and is making a run toward history.
Adrian needs 208 yards today to break the NFL's season rushing record of 2,105 yards set by Eric Dickerson in 1984.
Adrian needs 102 yards to break the coveted 2000 yard rushing mark.
If the Vikings win and get in the playoffs, it may be enough to put him ahead of  Peyton Manning in the NFL's most valuable player award and he certainly would deserve it.
                                                     Free Wallpaper of Adrian Peterson

The Vikings play the Green Bay Packers and if they win they will get a wildcard into the playoffs.
That being said lets face it,does anyone think that Minnesota is a playoff team without Adrain "AP" Peterson, I don't think so.
AP also should win the comeback player of the year award as well but the NFL is known as being a quarterbacks league and again Peyton Manning could get that award too, I really think it depends on whether The Vikings make the playoffs, if they win I don't know how any voter could deny that Adrain is the MVP and comeback player of the year.
But what do I know I'm just a blogger.
Thanks for reading.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

AJ McCarron to return to Alabama for senior season

AJ McCarron is going to return to Alabama for his senior season.
He has decided to not enter the NFL draft this year and return to Alabama for another year.
McCarron who is a native of Mobile,Ala leads the nation in passing efficiency heading into the BCS title game against Notre Dame.
His 36 touchdowns sets the tides single season record as he passed for 2,699 yards with only 3 interceptions.

Coach Saban said he was happy that AJ decided to return saying "He has done a great job for us not only as a quarterback and player but as a leader of our team. Like I have said before we want players to make sound decisions on what is best for their future.Our goal at Alabama is to help our guys develop a career off the field by graduating,becoming the best football player while they are here, and to try to win a championship while preparing them for the possibility of playing in the NFL."

AJ said " I want to help our team win football games and to continue to improve as a quarterback,The NFL has long been a dream but I think another year at Alabama can only help my chances of being successful at the next level."

Nick Saban rumors

With the need for NFL head coaches at a record high, Nick Saban  has been mentioned a lot recently.
I don't think Nick will leave the University of Alabama.
I mean he has a fan following similar to the legendary Paul "The Bear" Bryant and if we win the BCS national Championship this year many people will say he is Alabama's best coach ever.
                                                Free Alabama Wall Paper

He seems to be very happy at Alabama and I think he will retire from UA.
He is well paid and loved.
He is competing every year for a SEC and BCS championship.
I would be shocked and disappointed if Nick decided to leave Alabama and so would all of The University of Alabama fans.

Monday, December 10, 2012

NBA has fined Stephen Jackson for a tweet

The NBA has fined Stephen Jackson of the San Antonio spurs $25.000 for making a "hostile statement" on Twitter.It was directed at Serge Ibaka of The Oklahoma City Thunder.
NBA Executive Stu Jackson announced the discipline in an emailed statement.
Jackson apologized for his tweets,where he threatened to go after Ibaka the next time they played.
Jackson said, "It was unprofessional and childish,I am not a thug,just a man who speaks his mind.It was not appropriate and I do apologize."
They play on December the 17th and as of now both teams are tied with the NBA best records of 17-4.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Marquez KO's Pacquiao

Juan Manuel Marquez knocked Manny Pacquiao out with a wicked right hand at the end of the 6th round Sat night.
Pacquiao  had been knocked down in the third round and had knocked Marquez down in the fifth, the two fighters stood toe to toe exchanging heavy blows when a huge right hand put Pacqiao's face down and out cold with 2:59 left in the 6th round.
This ended the 4th fight between the fighters.
Marquez improved to 55-6-1 with 40 knockouts while Pacquiao fell to 54-5-2

Will there be a 5th fight?
I guess we will have to wait and see, this is Manny Pacquiao's 2nd straight loss and he may just chose to retire.
Congratulations to Marquez who finally found a way to beat Pacquiao.
Marquez said "I threw the perfect punch,I knew Manny could knock me out anytime.I felt he was coming to knock me out the last three rounds and I knew he was going to be wide open."

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Johnny Manziel wins the Heisman trophy.

This year we have three outstanding candidates.

Johnny Manziel - The freshman from Texas A&M, who beat the #1 ranked Alabama Crimson Tide at their home field Bryant Denny Stadium. Nicknamed Johnny Football, AKA Johnny Heismanziel.
This freshman has thrown for 3,419 yards with 24 touchdowns, while completing 68.3 % of his passes.
To me even more impressive he was Texas A&M's leading rusher with 1,181 yards and 18 touchdowns on the ground.

Manti Te'o - Undefeated Notre Dames best player & the best tackler in all of college football.
He already has won the Maxwell and Walter Camp player of the year awards.
Teo has recorded over 100 tackles and picked off 7 passes, which is tied for 2nd in all college football and 3 more than any other linebacker in the country.

Collin Klein - Kansas State's quarterback had excellent year.
Has thrown a touchdown in 21 straight games.
He is the only quarterback from a BCS conference in a BCS era to throw for 20 touchdowns and rush for 10 in multiple seasons.
He also ranks first in school history with 55 rushing touchdowns.


JOHNNY MANZIEL, the 1st freshman to ever win the Heisman trophy,remember you read it here first.

Gus Malzahn named Auburn's head coach

"I'm grateful for the opportunity to become the head coach at Auburn University,it is an outstanding institution  with a storied program,that I had the pleasure of experiencing first hand for three years." Gus Malzahn said in  a statement, "I deeply appreciate the confidence that (president) Dr. Gouge,(athletic director) Jay Jacobs, and the search committee had in my ability to turn this program around and bring Auburn back to national prominence."

"This is a homecoming for me and I look forward to being reunited with the Auburn family".

Butch Jones named coach at Tennessee

Butch Jones said " I am very fortunate to be your head coach" during his first news conference Friday afternoon. It seemed surreal to Butch after the whirlwind week he had.
He stood at a podium at Neyland stadium's Peyton Manning locker room, telling a story about how Manning a legend at UT, had tried to convince him to come and coach at Colorado.

Tennessee has been looking for a coach for over 3 weeks after the firing of Derek Dooley, according to UT's athletic director Dave Hart, Jon Gruden just didn't show any interest in the job,but we are very happy to have Butch, "he has a track record of success at every program he has led, and views Tennessee as the job he has coveted.We look forward to Butch leading our football program back to prominence.

Butch Jones said "it is truly an honor and a privilege to be the head coach at Tennessee,I understand the values,traditions and the level of expectations that come with this position and I look forward to be a part of the Vol nation."

Friday, November 30, 2012

Derek Jeter is getting fat

Derek Jeter has gained a few pounds lately, and the jokes are all over the internet.
I don't think it is a big deal since he is recovering from ankle surgery, and is not able to exercise.
There are plenty of "Yankee haters" who have nothing better to do than to make fun of Jeter,who has been fit and slim all his career, I bet he has not had any trouble finding a date to rub that ankle for him.

Don't worry ladies, Derek will be back in top shape soon,when he is able to go back to his full cardio workouts,he will lose the few extra pounds everyone is teasing him about.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Michael Jordan banned for cargo shorts?

Michael Jordan was permanently banned from Miami's La Gorce Country Club on Wednesday for wearing cargo shorts on the course and refusing to change.
Michael is an avid golfer but isn't a member of the country club, he was playing a round of golf when he was approached by club personnel.
He was asked to go to the clubhouse and change out of the cargo shorts but Michael refused and was asked to leave and to never return.
Personally I think it was a little harsh punishment by the country club by permanently banning a superstar like Michael Jordan, I know Michael loves golf and has millions of friends and fans around the world,it could cost the club some members and give them a bad name.
Jordan's reps issued the following statement regarding the incident.
"Michael did wear cargo pants.He had been there many times before and wore cargo pants previously,and had never been made aware before that he was violating any dress code. This time, he was made aware of the violation on the 12th hole,and at that point he did refuse to go to the clubhouse and interrupt his game and return to the club house and change. We we're not aware that he is not allowed to return to La Gorce. I guess it is their loss as Michael is a great golfer, and a great guest.
Gimme your 2 cents in the comments below.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Derek Dooley and Gene Chizik fired.

Gene Chizik was fired as the head coach of Auburn after winning the National Championship just two years ago,I am not surprised after what Alabama did to them in The Iron Bowl Shutting them out 49-0.
Auburn had a terrible season and did not win a single conference game for the first time in school history.
This goes to show than in the S.E.C. you have to win.
Gene said he was "extremely disappointed by the way the season turned out and I apologize to the Auburn family and team for what they had to endure.In my 27 years of coaching, I have gained an understanding of the high expectations in this profession,when expectations are not met I understand changes must be made."
"While we experienced a tremendous low in 2012,I will always be proud of the incredible highs that we achieved,including three bowl victories,a sec championship and a national championship. Chizik said.

What did Chizik's buyout cost Auburn?
Auburn said the total buyout for Chizik and his assistant coaches was $11.09 million
Chizik's buyout will total $7.5 million and be paid in monthly installments of $208,334 for the next 36 months.
I hope Gene can make it on $200k a month, I know it is gonna be tough.

Also in the SEC

Derek Dooley who has been under intense scrutiny for the last two years was fired as the coach of The Tennessee Volunteers.
He had the option to go ahead and coach the final game but turned it down, so the Vols had offensive coordinator John Chaney coach them in their final game against Kentucky.
He issued the following statement: "I am sorry we could not generate enough wins to create hope for a brighter future.Although progress was not reflected in our record, I am proud of the strides we made to strengthen the foundation for future success in all areas of the program."

What did Dooley's buyout cost Tennessee?
$5 million dollars.

I think it says a lot about Derek Dooley's character that he didn't coach the final game against Kentucky,I understand the he was upset knowing he was done at Tennessee but I think he should have thought more about his players and went out with a win.

Who will be Tennessee's new coach?
There is a huge rumor going around that John Gruden is gonna be the new coach but not according to him,he says he hasn't even been offered the job.
It is so big that it has created it's own hashtag on Twitter #Grumors
Also mentioned is Alabama's defensive coordinator Kirby Smart.
I hope he doesn't leave Alabama to coach at Tennessee but it wouldn't surprise me.

I hope you have enjoyed this article and as always.
Roll Tide Roll

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Notre Dame is playing for a BCS national Championship

Notre Dame is undefeated and will face the winner of the South Eastern Conference championship game.
#2 Ranked Alabama will play #3 ranked Georgia on December the 1st for the SEC title and the winner will play Notre Dame for the BCS national championship.

I think Alabama will win out and be the champs again.I predicted this before the season even started, but I must say they have to play their absolute best because Georgia & Notre Dame seem to be getting better.

Georgia smashed Georgia Tech & Notre Dame went to USC and beat them,whoever wins between Bama & the bulldogs it is good that a SEC team is playing for the Championship again.
Before I go, I have to say it.
Roll Tide Roll

Monday, November 19, 2012

Alabama is #2 and back in the BCS hunt

Since Kansas State & Oregon both lost this past weekend,the Alabama crimson tide is back in the hunt for the BCS National Championship.
Notre Dame is undefeated and is the #1 team in the country right now but they face a tough opponent in USC this week,although USC's quarterback Matt Barkley will not be starting,I think it will be a good game.
Here is a free Alabama wallpaper for you,just right click it and save it.... Roll Tide.

Alabama still has a couple of tough games, the Iron Bowl against Auburn and the SEC Championship against Georgia.
I hope Alabama makes it to the championship game, I really don't care who we play for the title,although a victory over an undefeated Notre Dame would be awesome.
Until next time, Roll Damn Tide.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Alabama versus Texas A&M

#1 Alabama has a huge game coming up this Sat against #15 Texas A&M.
This should be Alabama's biggest game of the regular season as Texas A&M seem to be getting better and better as the season continues.
A.J. McCarron is 136 - 204 for 1849 yrds with a 67% completion rate,he averages 9 yrds a completion and has not thrown an interception this year.He is a serious threat for the Heisman trophy.
Last week he completed 4 passes and led the tide to a 21-17 win over L.S.U.
Alabama is ranked #1 in all the NCAA in most of the defensive catergories and has an offensive line that is amazing.
Here is a free wallpaper for you to download if you are an Alabama fan,just right click on it and save it.
Texas A&M is led by freshman quarterback Johnny Manziel,AKA Johnny football.
J.Manziel has thrown for 2527 yrds & 16 touchdowns,he also is an incredible runner when he tucks it and runs.
A&M lost to LSU this year 24-19,stop and think about that just a minute,like I said earlier they seem to be gaining momentum as their season goes on,if you are a college football fan be sure and watch this game.
I think it may be the game of the week.
I think the key to this game will be Alabama's dominating offensive line & defense and the quarterback play of A.J. McCarron, I am gonna make a prediction of 27 to 21 BAMA.
Before I go I have to say it,roll tide roll.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Top 10 BCS teams

The bowl championship series rankings are out this week and it is no surprise that Alabama is sitting at #1.
Here is the top 10.

  • #1 - Alabama
  • #2 - Florida
  • #3 - Oregon
  • #4 - Kansas State
  • #5 - Notre Dame
  • #6 - L.S.U.
  • #7 - South Carolina
  • #8 - Oregon State
  • #9 - Oklahoma
  • #10 - U.S.C.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Ed Hochuli and NFL refs are back

I can't hardly believe it,the NFL's real referees are back and working the Ravens game tonight.
Ed Hochuli was so stoked about the lockout ending that he did three thousand push ups,everytime someone tweeted him on twitter,he did another one.
Ed has been a model referee for 22 years in the NFL and is one of the fans favorite refs.
Ed works 100 hours a week,50 at a Pheonix law firm & 50 as a NFL referee.
All I can say is I am happy that the referee's are back at work, I don't think I could've stood another week of bad calls.
Go Ed
Go refs,please don't disappoint us by making a bonehead call this week.
Until next time.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Patriots coach Bill Belichick gets fined

The NFL has fined Bill Belichick $50,000.00 for making contact with an official,this happened as the Baltimore Ravens rookie kicker Justin Tucker made the 27 yrd winning field goal  to lift the Raven to an impressive win over the patriots 31-30.
As the players and coaches took to the field to celebrate, Bill grabbed the official by the arm.It looked like the fieldgoal was not good. The ball just squeezed in between the uprights and was hard to see from Bill's point of view.
Bill Belichick later made this statement.
"It was inappropriate for me to contact the official.I take responsiblity for what happened.I accept the discpline and I apologize for the incident in Baltimore Sunday night.

New England is playing Buffalo this week so I think Bill and his mighty Patriots will get the win.

To most people 50 grand is a lot of money but not to Bill Belichick,he is the NFL's  highest paid coach and this was like a slap on the wrist to him, I got 2 words for you, GO PATs

Saturday, September 22, 2012

I think it time for Gene Chizik to go

I knew it was gonna be a rough year for Auburn but I think it is time they start looking for a new head coach,Gene Chizik isn't getting it done and he needs to step down and let someone else coach the tigers.

After losing 3 of Auburn's first 4 games and a remaining schedule with teams like Alabama,Arkansas & Georgia to come, they are gonna have a losing season and it is no-one's fault except the head coach Gene Chizik.
I mean he had to go to overtime against Louisiana-Monroe to get a win this year,that is truly sad with all the talent Auburn has.
I know some of you are thinking about the B.C.S. National Championship Auburn won back in 2010, if the truth was known Cam Newton was responsible for that. Cam even told John Gruden that on ESPN that he did not listen to coach Gene Chizik he went out and called his own plays and Nick Farley helped too, I know he stopped Oregon from scoring at least twice.
If Auburn wants to compete in the S.E.C. he has to go,don't be surprised if you see Auburn looking for a coach if they aren't already.

Marcus Lattimore is a record breaker

Congratulations to Marcus Lattimore as he just became the all time touchdown king at South Carolina as he just got his 32 rushing touchdown,if The gamecocks keep winning Marcus will be in the hunt for the Heisman trophy.
Just as I am typing this the gamecocks got a turnover & Marcus punched it in again for his 33rd touchdown.
Kudos to Lattimore he is a game changing player having a record breaking day.
Marcus Lattimore is the real deal and will go early in next years draft, I know that many NFL teams are looking hard at him,I am curious to see what he does at the next level.

Key College Football Games in week 4

I think there are (4) key games this week in College Football.

#10 Clemson vs #4 Florida State

#11 Notre Dame vs #18 Michigan

Missouri vs  #7 South Carolina

No #6 Oklahoma vs #15 Kansas State

Here are my picks

I think Florida St will beat Clemson by a touchdown and remain undefeated,I also think the seminoles will be playing in the BCS Championship against #1 Alabama since USC lost to Stanford last week.

I think Notre Dame will beat Michigan like they stole something from them, in the last 2 years Michigan has won this game on the final drives of the games, this year will be different Notre Dame offense will score 40 points and beat Michigan.

South Carolina will beat Missouri by 2 touchdowns by simply running the ball straight down Missouri's defense.

The upset of the day will be Kansas St beating Oklahoma.
If Kansas State can get 100 yards rushing they will beat Oklahoma,the X factor in this game is the play of the quarterback. Kansas state by a field goal in a nail biter.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Alabama easily beats Arkansas to stay undefeated

To celebrate #1 ranked Alabama victory over #21 ranked Arkansas here is a free wallpaper for your pc,
just right click and save it.

Coach Nick Saban asked his players to prepare for whatever Arkansas had to offer and they did just that by easily beating the Razorbacks 52-0.
The top performers for Alabama
A.J. McCarron - 11 of 16 attempts for 189 yards 1 td
Eddie Lacy - 12 carries - 55 yards - 3 tds
A. Cooper -  2 receptions - 42 yards - 1 td

Alabama's defense shined forcing 5 turnovers and shutting out Arkansas,the last time the tide had back to back shut outs was in 1980 against Vanderbilt + Kentucky.

Pre-Game @ Bryant Denny Stadium

In June of 2010 - I wrote an article about Alabama football,it has turned out to be very true,click here to read it.
With the best offensive line in the country,a defense as good as anyones Alabama is going to make another trip the the B.C.S.National Championship and I love it.
Roll Tide Roll & Enjoy your beautiful wallpaper.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

O.J. Simpson changes his will

I have no idea if O.J. Simpson is Khloe Kardashian's biological father but O.J. sure thinks so.
O.J. has changed his will while in prison and it is because he thinks Khloe is his daughter from an affair he had with Kris Jenner while she was married to his friend Robert Khardashian, remember that Robert,who died in 2003, was one of many attorneys who helped O.J. get his acquittal in the murder of his ex wife Nicole and her friend Ronald Goldman.
O.J.'s other 4 children are upset that he has included Khloe in his will and who can blame them,I mean he really isn't sure if he is her father right!
Here is a picture of O.J.s 43 year old daughter Arnelle. I think she does look like Khloe,what do you think?
Who knows maybe since O.J. has been in prison he has just gotten bored and is doing this as a publicity stunt,I don't know what to think.
I hear rumors that he has millions of dollars in oversea bank accounts so maybe this is why his children are so upset,but Khloe already has millions so I am sure it is no big deal to her.
I wish she would say something to the media and if she does I will let you all know A.S.A.P.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Baltimore Ravens destroy Cincinnati Bengals on Monday Night Football.

The Ravens came out and dominated the Bengals from the start to finish of the game.
Raven quarterback Joe Flacco ran a no huddle offense that the Bengals could not stop.
Flacco threw 2 touchdowns and had 299 yards and in my opinion is one of the NFL'S best quarterback right now.

The Ravens won the game 44-13 and extended their home game winning streak to 11 games.
Ed Reed had a record setting day as he intercepted a pass and took it 34 yards for a score.
Reed now has 1,497 career interception return yards,he has averaged 25.8 yards a return on his 58 career interceptions and he also owns the NFL record for the highest interception return average for players with at least 30 career interceptions.
Ed Reed is a beast and may be the best FS ever & just think he considered not playing this year.
I think the Ravens are a playoff team for sure and could possibly be playing in the Superbowl this year.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Alabama easily defeats Western Kentucky

The season opener at Bryant Denny stadium went well for #1 ranked Alabama.
They easily defeated Western Kentucky 35-0
I asked a  Alabama fan what he expected before the game check the video below for his answer.
Check out this funny video
Scalpers Paradise
Here is a view from the stands of both of A.J. McCarron & Christion Jones touchdowns.
#2 Christion bobbled it but pulled it in
I think the big story of this game is that Alabama's defense is in top form,they forced 4 turnovers in the game 2 of which led to touchdowns.
The offense did awesome as well.
A.J. McCarron was 14 of 19 for 219 yards and 4 touchdowns.
Christion Jones grabbed two tds and so did Kevin Norwood.
Alabama is a big play offense this year,they can score quick and often & with their talented defense Alabama can play with anyone in the country and truly deserves to be ranked #1.
Coach Saban didn't show anything against the hilltoppers, if he would've wanted to he could have ran the score up to 60+ but had the class to not do that to a team that was clearly over matched.
Bring on Arkansas,Lsu,Auburn we gonna beat em all this year.
Roll Tide Roll

Monday, September 3, 2012

Alabama dominates Michigan in season opener.

Coach Nick Saban had the tide ready to roll as they went into their season opener with a chip on their shoulder, I think it was a slap in the face to the University that Alabama came out ranked #2 behind #1 ranked USC.
For weeks the media had been hyping this game as the start of the Heisman run for Michigan quarterback Dernard Robinson,if you watched the game when they showed Dernard in the starting offensive players he looked so excited wobbling his head back and forth and smiling, I swear he looked like the rapper Lil John after he had drank a gallon of pimp juice anyway  it was so bad that boxing superstar Floyd Mayweather Jr. bet three million dollars that Michigan would beat Alabama, but someone forgot to tell that to Dee Millinar and the awesome Alabama defense,they shut Dernard down,they shut Michigan down period.
Robinson wound up going 11 of 26 for 200 yards and 1 td and 2 interceptions.
He also was held to 27 rushing yards on 10 carries, that won't get it done if you are truly in the Heisman hunt.
Michigan didn't have their best running back Fitz Troussant but do you really think that would've made a difference I don't.
I think the difference in the game was coach Nick Saban and all his assistant coaches, they lost a lot of talent to the NFL last year and he just reloads and takes the players to another level, the perfect example is T.J. Yeldon, he made it look so easy averaging over 10 yards per carry as he went for 111 yards on one of the best defenses in the country.

I think Michigan will rebound after this loss but it won't be easy they lost Blake Countless for the season due to a torn ACL.

I was  impressed and proud of Alabama's offensive line play,they made it easy for A.J McCarron, he had 2 touchdowns and 199 yards in the game,also Barrett Jones,last years Outland trophy winner moved to center and with D.J Fluker & Chance Womack I have a feeling Alabama is gonna score a lot of points this year.
Don't forget Eddie Lacy & Jawlston Fowler if T.J Yeldon don't get you then they will, if you don't believe me just ask anyone from Michigan.

As long as Nick Saban is coaching at Alabama they will be a top team,like it or not he is that good.

Also I think that Alabama should be #1 after the win against a top ten team like Michigan,USC won but hey they weren't playing a top ten team.

If you agree with me click the like button & share this article.

Roll Tide Roll

Floyd Mayweather Jr's loses three million on a bet.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. finally found an opponent he couldn't beat,The Alabama Crimson Tide,he lost a bet of (3) Three Million dollars that Michigan would defeat Alabama.
I know Floyd has plenty of money & it is certainly none of my business how he spends it but if he wants to keep his money my advice to him would be to NOT bet against The Alabama Crimson Tide and stick to what he does best boxing.
                                          Alabama's defense shut Denard Robinson down

If Floyd Mayweather Jr. wants to make some easy money simply bet for Alabama to win.
Can I get a Roll Tide?

Sunday, September 2, 2012

NCAA College Football week #1 2012

The #1 ranked USC Trojans coached by Lane Kiffin got off to a great start against Hawaii when Matt Barkley hooked up with wide receiver Marquis Lee on the first play from scrimmage for a touchdown & just like I predicted it was all USC from that point on, they won easily beating Hawaii  49-10.
Matt Barkley is gonna be up for the Heisman and I think USC will play Alabama in the BCS Championship game,it is early but based on USC's schedule I don't see them losing.Kiffin said that Marquis Lee has the potential to be the best WR ever at USC, that is a huge statement.

On a sad note Bill Obrein's Penn State team actually lost their season opener against Ohio, the final score was 24-14, the media was all over coach Bill and asked him in a post game interview if he was worried that his job might be in jeopardy if he didn't win,he answered no he was not but I can assure you if he can't start winning his head will be on the chopping block.

Ohio State got a win over Miami (Ohio) as Urban Meyer had them ready to play Saturday,they came out a little stale until Braxton Miller mad an amazing td catch and then it was all the buckeyes, they won easily 56-10.
Miller rushed for 161 yards and looked very impressive in their the catch he made in the video above it is as good as it gets, he fought off the interference to get that td grab.

The Nebraska Cornhuskers looked good in their opener getting an easy win over Southern Miss, the final score was 49-20 and the Hero of the game was Taylor Martinez, he had 5 touchdowns.

The #3 ranked LSU Tigers looked amazing as they easily won their season opener against North Texas 41-14, the honeybadger was not missed as Odell Peckum had a punt return for 6, as usual LSU defense looked really strong, I think if they we're playing the Texas Long Horns you would've seen a similar score.

Speaking of tiger's Clemson got a huge win over Auburn, I think it was due to the outstanding play of Tajh Boyd & Andre Ellington.... check out the video's below to see what I mean!

                                                                     Run Andre Run

                                                                  The game winning grab

Florida coach Will Muschamp lead the gators to an easy win over Bowling Green 27-14,Mike Gillis had 2 tds in the game & even though it was not a blow out, a win is a win, I think the gators will keep improving through the season and be just fine.

Mark Richt got the Georgia Bulldogs a win over Buffalo as true freshman Todd Gurley had a rushing td and a 100 yrd punt return, maybe this will get the media off Mark Richt he is a winning coach with a winning record,enough said.

Notre Dame got a big win over Navy the final score was 50-10,coach Brian Keeley was happy with the play of Robert Atkinson the 3rd and said he is the fastest player on the team and looks for him and the Irish to have a big year.

My next post will be on who I think is gonna win it all this year #2 ranked Alabama.
Look for it tomorrow!
I'm glad fall is near & college football has started... allI can say is Roll Tide Roll.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Terrell Owens hopes to have a big year with the Seahawks

Terrell Owens is a man on a mission, he is being fueled now by all the negative press he is getting since he was signed by the Seahawks. I believe that TO will have an amazing year in 2012 for a number of reasons.

  • He is a proven winner
  • When he is at 85% he is as good as any receiver in the NFL right now
  • He loves to prove people wrong
  • He is going to be a huge part of the offense
  • He still has a passion for the game   

What I think he needs to do to accomplish this is

  • Do anything outrageous
  • Just let his play on the field do the talking
  • Stay focused & healthy
Will he regain his spot as one of the NFL's best receivers and help the Seahawks make it to the play off this year? I say yes, please feel free to voice your opinion in the comments.

Thanks for reading & God bless

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Michigan Wolverines are the 2012 Sugar Bowl Champions

The Michigan wolverines are the Sugar Bowl champs in 2012, they defeated Virgina Tech 23-20 in overtime. Junir Hemingway was named the most valuable player (MVP) of the game as he made 2 amazing touchdown grabs.

You have to feel bad for the Virginia Tech hoakies, they fought just to get the game into overtime and when that obvious touchdown catch was reviewed and took away, it just seemed like the momentum went away from them and it caused them to miss their fieldgoal.

So all Dernard Robinson had to do was not turn the ball over and they could kick he fieldgoal and win.

I think Frank Beamer made a huge mistake in regulation when they tried the fake punt,it gave Michigan field position and they also got 3 points off that.That is not normal Beamer Ball

Anyway Congrats to Michigan head coach Brady Hoke who became just the 4th coach ever to win a bowl game in their first season.