Thursday, September 27, 2012

Ed Hochuli and NFL refs are back

I can't hardly believe it,the NFL's real referees are back and working the Ravens game tonight.
Ed Hochuli was so stoked about the lockout ending that he did three thousand push ups,everytime someone tweeted him on twitter,he did another one.
Ed has been a model referee for 22 years in the NFL and is one of the fans favorite refs.
Ed works 100 hours a week,50 at a Pheonix law firm & 50 as a NFL referee.
All I can say is I am happy that the referee's are back at work, I don't think I could've stood another week of bad calls.
Go Ed
Go refs,please don't disappoint us by making a bonehead call this week.
Until next time.


  1. So happy the (real) refs are back!

    1. Me too - I was almost at my wits end with the bonehead calls. Thanks for the comment