Saturday, September 22, 2012

I think it time for Gene Chizik to go

I knew it was gonna be a rough year for Auburn but I think it is time they start looking for a new head coach,Gene Chizik isn't getting it done and he needs to step down and let someone else coach the tigers.

After losing 3 of Auburn's first 4 games and a remaining schedule with teams like Alabama,Arkansas & Georgia to come, they are gonna have a losing season and it is no-one's fault except the head coach Gene Chizik.
I mean he had to go to overtime against Louisiana-Monroe to get a win this year,that is truly sad with all the talent Auburn has.
I know some of you are thinking about the B.C.S. National Championship Auburn won back in 2010, if the truth was known Cam Newton was responsible for that. Cam even told John Gruden that on ESPN that he did not listen to coach Gene Chizik he went out and called his own plays and Nick Farley helped too, I know he stopped Oregon from scoring at least twice.
If Auburn wants to compete in the S.E.C. he has to go,don't be surprised if you see Auburn looking for a coach if they aren't already.

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