Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Patriots coach Bill Belichick gets fined

The NFL has fined Bill Belichick $50,000.00 for making contact with an official,this happened as the Baltimore Ravens rookie kicker Justin Tucker made the 27 yrd winning field goal  to lift the Raven to an impressive win over the patriots 31-30.
As the players and coaches took to the field to celebrate, Bill grabbed the official by the arm.It looked like the fieldgoal was not good. The ball just squeezed in between the uprights and was hard to see from Bill's point of view.
Bill Belichick later made this statement.
"It was inappropriate for me to contact the official.I take responsiblity for what happened.I accept the discpline and I apologize for the incident in Baltimore Sunday night.

New England is playing Buffalo this week so I think Bill and his mighty Patriots will get the win.

To most people 50 grand is a lot of money but not to Bill Belichick,he is the NFL's  highest paid coach and this was like a slap on the wrist to him, I got 2 words for you, GO PATs

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