Tuesday, November 29, 2011

LSU vs Alabama for the BCS National Championship

The honeybadger Tyrann Mathieu had an amazing game against Arkansas he had a 92 yrd punt return for a score and forced 2 fumbles as LSU easily beat Arkansas and will face Georgia for the SEC Championship game and should face Alabama again for the BCS National Championship.

This will be the game of the century LSU vs Alabama (the re-match)

I hope the BCS gets it right and puts Alabama in the championship game, I mean I really don't see how they couldn't since Alabama played LSU into overtime and lost 9-6 earlier this year.

Also I hope Trent Richardson gets the heisman trophy... after he had over 200 yrds in the iron bowl to me that should be enough for him to edge out Andrew Luck.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Smoking Joe Frazier dies at age 67

The boxing world is in a state of shock as former world champion smoking Joe Frazier has died from liver cancer at age 67.
Joe was seen singning autographs at Floyd Mayweathers last fight and seemed to be in good spirits as he chatted and signed many autographs for his fans.
Manny Pacquio said "boxing lost a great champion and the sport lost a great ambassador"
Don King was unable to make a statement himself,he was devastated by his death.
Some of Joe's best matche's was against Muhammad Ali

Smoking Joe traded punches with Ali for 14 rounds in one of the most brutal fights in history(their last fight against each other) but Fraziers corner threw in the towel because he could not see so Ali won the fight and said afterward that was the closest he ever came to dying.

But Smoking Joe did put Ali on the canvas with a left hook in the fight of the century at Madison Square Garden 1971 and at that time smoking Joe was the only person who defeated Muhammad Ali,he said later that it was the crowning moment in his life.

All told they fought 3 times for 41 rounds of boxing. Some of the best boxing matches ever.

Joe held the belt for 4 more fights until he lost a re-match with big George Foreman but could never seem to step out of Alis shadow.

George Foreman posted this on his twitter account: "Good Night Joe Frazier - I love you dear friend"

Ali said that he would always remember Joe with respect and admiration and my sympathy goes out to his family and loved ones.

I think smoking Joe Frazier had more heart than almost any other boxer and always gave 110% in and out of the ring, I know I will miss hearing him talk about the sport he loved so much.
I also think he should be remembered as a true champion who never did anything to bring dishonor to himself or his sport.

Rest in peace Smokin Joe - You are in the arms of angels

Saturday, October 22, 2011

NCAA college football week 8 picks analysis

The game of the day

Well all I can say is Roll tide, what a game that the #2 Alabama Crimson Tide played against Derrick Dolley's Tennessee Vols.

The game went just about like I thought it would except that I didn't think Tennessee would play such good defense in the first half of the game.I will give credit where it is due TN came to play but Alabama's strength just took over after halftime.

I knew coach Nick Saban wouldn't show much on defense and I also thought he would open up the passing game just like he did in the 2nd half and I have to take my hat off to AJ McCarron who was having a bad game up to that point to maintain focus and put the game away in the second half.
In the 94th meeting with the University of Tennessee, Alabama scored 21points in 12 plays and showed the Volunteers that they are a real threat to win the BCS championship.

AJ McCarron throws a pick
UT takes a 3 point lead
End of 1st quarter play
Alabama takes the lead
Key Play Fake punt from TN
Alabama's running back Trent Richardson
After halftime the rout is on
AJ McCarron runs it in
AJ McCarron throws it in
Trent Richardson gets the tide rolling
30 unanswered points Trent Richardson for Heisman

#1 LSU easily beats #20 Auburn

Les Mile's LSU tigers put a whopping on Auburn and made last years BCS champs look really bad.
The final score being LSU 45 Auburn 10 was really deceptive.It was Auburns worse loss in 15 years.
LSU could've held Auburn scoreless in this game if the mad hatter would have wanted them to.
Enjoy the videos.
                                                LSU's opening drive (a easy touchdown)
LSU has a stingy defense
Auburn gets 3 LSU didn't have the honeybadger
Jordon Jefferson is amazing
Reuben Randall had a big game
LSU Touchdown
LSU back Kenny Hilliard is awesome
LSU defense scoring points

Notre Dame's winning streak is over

In case you haven't noticed I don't just pick the obvious winners every week.
Although I am 33 out of 35 for the year after today I have been on a hot streak.
I really thought that Notre Dame would beat USC because I didn't think USC had a running game at all and it was a 24-17 usc lead with 1st and goal for Notre Dame and they turned it over twice and the final score was 35-17 so I did lose that one but I also said if USC played like they did last week they would win, the score truly does not show how close of a game this was.
Anyway Notre Dame is gonna have another average season which is a shame for the senors on that talented team who deserved to go out big winners.
Oklahoma State is real.

The cowboys win 45-24 - it is their 9th staight road win.
Brandon Weeden marched out there and showed everyone that he is indeed one of the best QBs in the nation as they easily beat Missouri who had a 10 game home winning streak snapped today.
Weeden was 33 for 49 for 338 yards after a sizzling start and extended his streak of 30-yard completions to 15 games. The 28-year-old senior was 19 for 25 for 214 yards in the first quarter, with all six incompletions on drops.
I didn't expect Joseph Randle to have the 4 TD day I thought it would've been Justin Blackman.
But the Cowboys are real and I can't wait to watch them beat the Sooners at the end of the year.

#6 Wisconsin vs #16 Michigan State

Michigan State steals it 37-31
Wisconsin is heavily favored in this game but I told you I would take State to pull off an upset.
We get to the 4th quarter with 1:26 seconds left and Michigan State has a chance to steal this game.
I am literally writing this on the fly right now.
Michigan State is trying to set up a field goal for their kicker  who has already kicked a 50 yarder against Ohio State earlier this year, in fact he has 3 50 yarders this yr.
State's running back Bell has cuaght 2 completions for a 1st down and their is .41 seconds to go.
Cousin's  hits bell across the middle to set up Conroy for the game winning field goal.
I think he needs about 5 more yards but there is only .10 seconds on clock.
Cousin's made a bad play by trying a rollout pass which was incomplete and it left only :04 secs on the clock.
Cousin's threw a hail mary to Nicohls and he caught  it and fought 3 Wisconsin defenders for a Michigan State TD, this is a instant classic and I hope you enjoy the video below.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

NCAA College Football week 8 picks

Well there are some interesting games this week I'll go ahead and start out with one of the best rivalry games in all of NCAA college football.

#2 Alabama Crimson Tide vs Tennessee Vols

Derrick Dooley has made some good progress at UT but it isn't gonna do any good aginst Alabama, I know coach Saban has been upset this week by the distractions of the media etc but UA will be ready and I look for them to open up the passing game.
Look for McCarron to throw atleast 2 touchdowns and a defensive score as Alabama defeats Tennesee.
Even Dooley's mom can't stop Alabama the tide is going to roll.
Bama wins it by 10

#4 Oklahoma State vs Missouri

I don't think most people realize how good Oklahoma state is, their quarterbacks are as good as any  in the NCAA and Brandon Weeden will have a huge day throwing to one of the best of not the best wide reciever in the country Justin Blackman.
I look for them to light up the scoreboard against a good Missouri team and win easily.
I will be watching states defense real close because if they wanna beat Oklahome this year they had better be able to play some defense.
Many people think this is gonna be a close game I don't I think state wins it by atleast 2 touchdowns.

#1 LSU vs #20 Auburn

I think Auburn will play LSU a hard game but I just don't think that they can beat LSU.
Even though the honeybadger Tyrann Mathieu will be sitting out of this game LSUs defense is too fast for Auburn.
LSU \'s coach Les Miles has suspended 3 players for the game but he wasn't even worried about heisman hopefull Mathieu sitting out.
I think Auburn will run it hard and keep it close but LSU will win this game.

My upsets of the week

#6 Wisconsin vs #16 Michigan State

I think that Michigan state is going to beat Wisconsin.
I know it is going to be a good game but I think State has played and beaten the better teams this year and they are gonna play there absolute best and beat Wisconsin by a field goal.
I know it sounds crazy but that is my pick and I am sticking to it.

USC vs Notre Dame

If USC plays like they did last week they will beat Notre Dame but I don't think they will.
I think Notre Dame is looking at this game as their bowl game and they are gonna go out and beat USC and make Layne Kiffin cry like a baby.
I look for them to really pressure Matt Barkley and make him throw some picks and to run a ball control type offence and steal this game.

You have got to admit I have really put out some dangerous picks this week but that is what makes college football so much fun.

Look for my week 8 recap by Monday

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Trent Richardson jumps to 2nd in Heisman voting.

Well it may seen that Stanford's Quarterback Andrew Luck has the Heisman trophy locked up as of now take a minute and conside this, Trent Richardson has jumped to 2nd place in the voting as of right now and he has more rushing yards and touchdowns than Mark Ingram did when he won it year before last.
If Alabama goes undefeated and wins another BCS championship would he not be deserving of the Heisman. I SAY YES

Look at this amazing run!

Trent Richardson is the number one back in all of NCAA football right now.
He is atleast as good as Mark Ingram or better
He doesn't get taken down by the first guy most of the time.
He is so strong the coaches won't even let him lift the amount of weight he wants too.
He will do well at the next level.

Not to take anything away from mr. Luck but the SEC is much harder conference to play in and if Alabama runs the table I think Trent Richardson will truly be the best player in college football this year.

I can't really see Stanford losing due to their schedule, but I don't see Alabama losing either.
They simply are that good.

Alabama is gonna be good for the next few years, very good. Infact our 3rd string guys are better than a lot of teams starters and I give the credit to our coach & recruiter Nick Saban.

Lacey and Fowler are awesome too.

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Until Next Time

Analysis of my week 6 NCAA college football picks

I had a good week

I went 5 for 5 making my picks 29 out of 30 for the year.

I'll start of with the team I think is going to win it all this year.
The #2 ranked Alabama Crimson tide had a great homecoming game
destroying Vanderbuilt for the 21st consecutive time.
Vanderbuilt played hard in the first half but they allowed 34 points
which is one more point than Vandy's defense has allowed all year.

Look at this amazing grab that DeAndrew White made, he had 2 touchdowns
in the game and looked awesome.

Darius Hanks made a NFL stlye catch for A.J. McCarron check it out ;0)

Why isn't Trent Richardson a heisman front runner his stats are better than
Mark Ingram's was 6 games into Ingram's heisman year? Look at this man
run the football, he is a juggernaut.

Nebrask had a record setting day

The game of the day turned out to be Nebraska coming back and beating Ohio State.
I thought that Nebraska would easily win this game and was shocked when I turned
it on and the score was 27-6 and the buckeyes had the lead and the ball.
But a turnover turned it all around and Nebraska had a day for the record books
when they over came the largest deficit in school history to win 34 to 27.
The key to Nebraska's victory in my opinion was the play of their quarterback
and by the player of the game #22 Rex Burhead, he went off in the 2nd half
putting the team on his back and carrying them to victory, Nebraska scored 28
unanswerd points in the best comeback in school history.

The Red River Shoot-Out was a Oklahoma Blow-Out

Just as I had predicted Oklahoma easily beat Texas but I didn't think that OU
would have 3 defensive scores, That is scary because they are so good on offense.
It would not surprise me at all if Oklahoma is sitting at number one #1 when the
first BCS polls come out next Sunday. I think OU is playing as good as anyone
on bith side of the ball right now and Bob Stoopes is a great coach they are gonna
be playing in the BCS national championship game in my opinion it is just a
question of who are they gonna play Alabama or LSU.

Back in the Southeastern Conference

Arkansas finally beats Auburn 38 to 14
While the score makes it looks like the hogs just blew out Auburn it really
was a close game. Auburn was ahead for most of the first half of the game
and it was back and forth with both teams scoring but Arkansas coach Bobby Petrino
saw what Auburn was doing and got his defense to stop it.
The hogs sealed the win in the 4th quarter when Tremaine Thomas picked off a pass.

LSU dominated Florida winning 41-11

Les Mile's LSU tigers are playing as good as anyone right now.
They have a fast defense and the easily beat Florida.
I didn't watch the game but I saw the highlights to what they did to Florida.
It was pure domination.
I hate to look ahead but Alabama and LSU may be the game of the year.
I just hope BAMA can pull off a big win.

I hope you enjoyed the article, I will keep you all posted on this weeks game
probally around Wed.

Until then Roll Tide!

NCAA college football picks week 6 October

Week 6 has some interesting games in NCAA college football.
Here are a few of the key games and my picks to win.

The red river shoot -out #3 Oklahoma is going to destroy Texas this weekend.
Look for a big game from sooners quaterback Landry Jones could have a record
breaking game against the weak Texas Longhorn defense,look for Jones to be
throwing to his sure handed  wide reciever Ryan Broyles and for Bob Stoopes
well coached defense to be all over Texas. #1 Oklahoma wins BIG

#2 Alabama is going to have a easy time beating Vanderbilt. I think this will be
Bamas 21st time beating Vandy in a row, the last time Vandy beat Alabama was
in 1984,it ain't gonna happen Saturday. Look for a NFL style defense and
Trent Richardson & Eddie Lacy pilling up the yards and touchdowns.
I think Alabama will win the BCS national Championship this year,they are
that good. Look at the video below of how they destroyed Florida.

Speaking of #17 Florida I can't remeber the last time they lost 2 games in a row but
but after Sat you can make it 2 for them because they aren't going to beat #1 LSU
Look for Tyrann Mathieu to continue his heisman run after LSU easily beats
Florida. Les miles Tigers are going to destroy Will Muschamps Florida Gators

This next game could go either way but I am going to pick #10 Arkansas to beat
#15 Auburn simply because of how they made the amazing comback last week.
It will be a close game but I think Auburns defemse will let Arkansas have
too many big plays and they will win a close game. Auburn coach Gene Chizick
has allowed Auburn to get into a habit of winning games late and I just don't think
they will beat Arkansas, I may be wrong but I am sticking with the HOGS

For my last pick of the week I am going to pick Nebraska to easily beat Ohio State.
Ohio State just looks pathetic on both sides of the ball right now and I just don't see
Nebraska not winning this game.

Please keep in mind that anything can happen in college football but I have a solid
record of picking games,I have only had one miss pick this year and that was
when Clemson beat Auburn,I went against my gut and it cost me having a perfect
season this year.

Have a good weekend and enjoy all the games

#3 Alabama Crimson Tide CHOMPS the #12 Florida Gators

Well I never like to say I told you so , so I won't but to say that #3 ranked Alabama beat #12 ranked Florida is a understatment.

The game got off to a quick start when John Brantley threw a TD on Florida's first play from scrimmage.
See the video below.
But after that it was pretty much all Alabama.
The biggest play of the whole game was when Courtney Upshaw  got a pick 6 off of Florida quarterback John Brantley.

After that Alabamas defense was ruthless,Upshaw and Hightower knocked Brantley out of the game just like I said they would in my blog last week and if was all Alabama after that.

Look at this beautiful run that Trent Richardson made against the awesome Florida defense.
Later in the game Eddie Lacey got a easy walk in touchdown against the gators brutal running defense.
I just don't think Alabama's defense is getting enough credit look at this beautiful play where they hold Florida out of the endzone with a 1 and 10 in the redzone.
If there is a better runner in all of the NCAA football please tell me because I haven't seen anyone run as hard as Trent Richardson, why isn't his name coming up when people are talking about the heisman trophy,his team is undeafeated and he is getting better every game, I think he is a Heisman canidate,he has to be.
When you look at the beating that Alabama put on Florida in the swamp you have to appreciate it,Florida is one of the best teams in the country and the swamp is as hard to play at as any place in all the NCAA, also Will MUschamp is a top coach and you can see how frustrated he was by Alabama's awesome team.If you watch the video close they hit bamas kicker and bama returned the favor by taking out the return man.
Again I think the turning point in this game was all the pressure Alabama's defense put on Floridas quarterback John Brantley, look at this amazing play when Brantley felt the pressure and threw the ball to Courtney Upshaw and he returned it for 6, all I can say is AWESOME - Bama has a NFL calibur defense and I love it.
Roll tide people we gonna put it on everybody this year and yes that does include #1 ranked LSU.
And the Iron Bowl is gonna be different this year, Alabama is gonna be the BCS NATIONAL CHAMPIONS in 2011 and I LOVE IT -  ROLL TIDE ROLL

Alabama is going to the swamp

This weekend the biggest game in the S.E.C. or the south eastern conference in NCAA college football is gonna be The Alabama Crimson tide rolling into The Swamp to play the undefeated Florida Gators.

Many people think that Florida is gonna win this game but I beg to differ,Alabama is gonna steamroll them Gators just like they did Arkansas last week.

Hog is good but GATOR is better.

I'll tell you exactly what is gonna make the difference in this game, Alabama's defense will be all over Florida's quarterback John Brantley, they will pressure him and really test his toughness I think the tide will pick off a pass or 2 and get some ponits from the defense and I also think that Alabama's running backs Trent Richardson and Eddie Lacy will pile up the yards against Florida.

I also think that Nick Saban is the best coach in all of College football and his record would make a great case for that argument, many people don't realize that Will Muschamp is a prodigy of Nick Saban.

Charlie Weiss will be calling the offensive plays at Ben Griffith stadium Sat and I would be surprised if he had any success against Alabama's stingy defence.

After Alabama whips the gators this weekend I am curious to see if they will jump Oklahoma in the BCS rankings?

I am really looking forward to the Bama LSU game this year, I think the winner of that game will be on the fast track to the national championship.

I also would like to welcome Texas A&M to the S.E.C, I think it will be very beneficial to them and the S.E.C to have them and I hope their recruiting pulls some of the talent out of Texas.

Thats my pick for the week now all we can do is wait.......... ROLL TIDE!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

NCAA College football 2011 week 3

The 2011 NCAA College Football season is off and rolling.

Two weeks into the 2011 College football season, I am going to go out on a limb and say that either #2 Alabama or #3 LSU will win the BCS National championship.

I think that #1 ranked Oklahoma will win out the rest of the year until they face a SEC team in the BCS championship and then they will get beat and the SEC will have another championship.

I hope it is ALABAMA, I still haven't gotten over last years Iron Bowl but I know coach Saban has a NFL caliber defense and the offense is getting better so I  think Alabama has a real good shot at winning it all.

Oklahoma has been ranked #1 in the AP poll for a record breaking 100 times since the poll began in 1936.
I think that they will beat #5 Florida State easily this weekend.

Key games for this week.
Click here for all this weeks scheduled games

Florida vs. Tennessee
Tennessee scored 45 points against Cincinnati in a offensive clinic,
Florida's stingy defense has only given up 3 points in 2 games while their rushing attack is averaging a whopping 250 yards a game on offense.

I'm picking  Florida to win this game with solid defense and scoring a few field goals.

LSU vs Miss State (Thursday the15th on ESPN)

Miss state is a good team this year but LSU is a great team.
I'm picking LSU to win this in a blowout.
Les Miles is going to make a statement in this game LSU is a contender.

Oklahoma Vs Fla State

Again I think that Oklahoma is too good to lose to the Seminoles.
I'm Picking Oklahoma to win a close game.
Oklahoma will stay #1

Auburn vs Clemson

Auburn has found a way to win for awhile now, their winning streak is at 17 games.
I think that their team is getting better on both side of the ball.
Many people have said that Auburn will lose this week.
I'm not one of them I think Auburn runs it for over 150 yards and wins a close game.

Michigan State vs Notre Dame

I think Notre Dame is the best 2 loss team in all the NCAA including Georgia.
They have an awesome offense but their defense has let them down all year.
This is going to be a close game because it always is with Michigan State.

I'm picking Notre Dame to get their 1st win of the year by a field goal.

Until Next Week - Roll Tide