Friday, November 30, 2012

Derek Jeter is getting fat

Derek Jeter has gained a few pounds lately, and the jokes are all over the internet.
I don't think it is a big deal since he is recovering from ankle surgery, and is not able to exercise.
There are plenty of "Yankee haters" who have nothing better to do than to make fun of Jeter,who has been fit and slim all his career, I bet he has not had any trouble finding a date to rub that ankle for him.

Don't worry ladies, Derek will be back in top shape soon,when he is able to go back to his full cardio workouts,he will lose the few extra pounds everyone is teasing him about.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Michael Jordan banned for cargo shorts?

Michael Jordan was permanently banned from Miami's La Gorce Country Club on Wednesday for wearing cargo shorts on the course and refusing to change.
Michael is an avid golfer but isn't a member of the country club, he was playing a round of golf when he was approached by club personnel.
He was asked to go to the clubhouse and change out of the cargo shorts but Michael refused and was asked to leave and to never return.
Personally I think it was a little harsh punishment by the country club by permanently banning a superstar like Michael Jordan, I know Michael loves golf and has millions of friends and fans around the world,it could cost the club some members and give them a bad name.
Jordan's reps issued the following statement regarding the incident.
"Michael did wear cargo pants.He had been there many times before and wore cargo pants previously,and had never been made aware before that he was violating any dress code. This time, he was made aware of the violation on the 12th hole,and at that point he did refuse to go to the clubhouse and interrupt his game and return to the club house and change. We we're not aware that he is not allowed to return to La Gorce. I guess it is their loss as Michael is a great golfer, and a great guest.
Gimme your 2 cents in the comments below.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Derek Dooley and Gene Chizik fired.

Gene Chizik was fired as the head coach of Auburn after winning the National Championship just two years ago,I am not surprised after what Alabama did to them in The Iron Bowl Shutting them out 49-0.
Auburn had a terrible season and did not win a single conference game for the first time in school history.
This goes to show than in the S.E.C. you have to win.
Gene said he was "extremely disappointed by the way the season turned out and I apologize to the Auburn family and team for what they had to endure.In my 27 years of coaching, I have gained an understanding of the high expectations in this profession,when expectations are not met I understand changes must be made."
"While we experienced a tremendous low in 2012,I will always be proud of the incredible highs that we achieved,including three bowl victories,a sec championship and a national championship. Chizik said.

What did Chizik's buyout cost Auburn?
Auburn said the total buyout for Chizik and his assistant coaches was $11.09 million
Chizik's buyout will total $7.5 million and be paid in monthly installments of $208,334 for the next 36 months.
I hope Gene can make it on $200k a month, I know it is gonna be tough.

Also in the SEC

Derek Dooley who has been under intense scrutiny for the last two years was fired as the coach of The Tennessee Volunteers.
He had the option to go ahead and coach the final game but turned it down, so the Vols had offensive coordinator John Chaney coach them in their final game against Kentucky.
He issued the following statement: "I am sorry we could not generate enough wins to create hope for a brighter future.Although progress was not reflected in our record, I am proud of the strides we made to strengthen the foundation for future success in all areas of the program."

What did Dooley's buyout cost Tennessee?
$5 million dollars.

I think it says a lot about Derek Dooley's character that he didn't coach the final game against Kentucky,I understand the he was upset knowing he was done at Tennessee but I think he should have thought more about his players and went out with a win.

Who will be Tennessee's new coach?
There is a huge rumor going around that John Gruden is gonna be the new coach but not according to him,he says he hasn't even been offered the job.
It is so big that it has created it's own hashtag on Twitter #Grumors
Also mentioned is Alabama's defensive coordinator Kirby Smart.
I hope he doesn't leave Alabama to coach at Tennessee but it wouldn't surprise me.

I hope you have enjoyed this article and as always.
Roll Tide Roll

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Notre Dame is playing for a BCS national Championship

Notre Dame is undefeated and will face the winner of the South Eastern Conference championship game.
#2 Ranked Alabama will play #3 ranked Georgia on December the 1st for the SEC title and the winner will play Notre Dame for the BCS national championship.

I think Alabama will win out and be the champs again.I predicted this before the season even started, but I must say they have to play their absolute best because Georgia & Notre Dame seem to be getting better.

Georgia smashed Georgia Tech & Notre Dame went to USC and beat them,whoever wins between Bama & the bulldogs it is good that a SEC team is playing for the Championship again.
Before I go, I have to say it.
Roll Tide Roll

Monday, November 19, 2012

Alabama is #2 and back in the BCS hunt

Since Kansas State & Oregon both lost this past weekend,the Alabama crimson tide is back in the hunt for the BCS National Championship.
Notre Dame is undefeated and is the #1 team in the country right now but they face a tough opponent in USC this week,although USC's quarterback Matt Barkley will not be starting,I think it will be a good game.
Here is a free Alabama wallpaper for you,just right click it and save it.... Roll Tide.

Alabama still has a couple of tough games, the Iron Bowl against Auburn and the SEC Championship against Georgia.
I hope Alabama makes it to the championship game, I really don't care who we play for the title,although a victory over an undefeated Notre Dame would be awesome.
Until next time, Roll Damn Tide.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Alabama versus Texas A&M

#1 Alabama has a huge game coming up this Sat against #15 Texas A&M.
This should be Alabama's biggest game of the regular season as Texas A&M seem to be getting better and better as the season continues.
A.J. McCarron is 136 - 204 for 1849 yrds with a 67% completion rate,he averages 9 yrds a completion and has not thrown an interception this year.He is a serious threat for the Heisman trophy.
Last week he completed 4 passes and led the tide to a 21-17 win over L.S.U.
Alabama is ranked #1 in all the NCAA in most of the defensive catergories and has an offensive line that is amazing.
Here is a free wallpaper for you to download if you are an Alabama fan,just right click on it and save it.
Texas A&M is led by freshman quarterback Johnny Manziel,AKA Johnny football.
J.Manziel has thrown for 2527 yrds & 16 touchdowns,he also is an incredible runner when he tucks it and runs.
A&M lost to LSU this year 24-19,stop and think about that just a minute,like I said earlier they seem to be gaining momentum as their season goes on,if you are a college football fan be sure and watch this game.
I think it may be the game of the week.
I think the key to this game will be Alabama's dominating offensive line & defense and the quarterback play of A.J. McCarron, I am gonna make a prediction of 27 to 21 BAMA.
Before I go I have to say it,roll tide roll.