Thursday, June 13, 2013

Howard's rock damaged and police investigate

Howard's rock has been damaged as someone removed the plastic covering and broke off a chunk of the rock. Police are investigating.
I can tell you right now the obvious suspects would be a South Carolina fan.
I think it is sad when something that has so much history to it is damaged like this. Read on for more info on this legendary rock.

What is Howard's rock?

While driving through death valley on the way to California, Clemson Alumni S.C. Jones stopped and picked up the rock and gave it to Coach Frank Howard, he kept it in his office for years.
Before the 1966 season he was cleaning up his office and told Gene Willimon to get that rock out of his office,throw it away he didn't care.
Instead he had the rock put on a pedestal at the top of the hill on the east endzone.
Howard's Rock was unveiled on Sept. 24th, 1966 as Clemson rallied from 18 points down to beat Virginia 40-35.
The following year Coach told his players that if they would give 110% they could touch the rock but if they weren't then they could keep their filthy hands off it.