Sunday, January 27, 2013

JaMarcus Russell is making a NFL comeback

JaMarcus Russell is 27 years old and is attempting to make a NFL comeback.
Claiming he does not want to be remembered as a failure the former #1 draft pick is being tutored by NFL qb Jeff Garcia on technique and Hall of fame running back Marshall Faulk will be teaching him to read defenses.

The 6 ft 6 in quarterback will also work out at the TEST football academy.
Even though he has not played since 2009, I think JaMarcus will be successful in his comeback.
He has his weight down to 308 lbs and a positive outlook.
Watch out NFL JaMarcus Russell will be back.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Rex Ryan involved in a 3 car pile up

Jets head coach Rex Ryan was involved in a 3 car pile up after he reportedly ran a red light.
Rex was driving his red Mustang down a road in Bethlehem,Pa around 6 p.m. last Monday when he allegedly ran the light and rammed another car,which then crashed into a 3rd vehicle.. according to
According to the report Rex denied that he was speeding but DID NOT deny that he ran the red light.
Police described the damage to all the vehicles as moderate and nobody was injured,Rex was not even cited in the incident.
I guess he just capped off another crappy season with another accident. GEEZ...

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Baltimore Ravens to play San Francisco forty niners in Superbowl 2013

The San Francisco 49ers proved that they deserve to be going to the Superbowl by defeating The Atlanta Falcons after falling behind by 17 points, but after halftime the 49er defense did not give up a single point.
Atlanta had a chance to win but stalled in the red zone with 2 incompletions as time ran down.

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In a game that surprised many The Baltimore Ravens destroyed the New England Patriots,Joe Flacco the Ravens QB simply picked apart the Patriots defense easily completing touchdown passes while Tom Brady could not find a way to stop the Baltimore defense,they hit him hard and often.
Congrats to Baltimore's Ray Lewis who is going to retire after this season,he had his defense ready to play today and they destroyed the Patriots 28-13

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I think the Ravens will have to be favored to win the Superbowl, they are playing to good on both sides of the ball, I will go ahead and make a prediction The Ravens win 24-21 in a close game against the 49ers.