Tuesday, November 29, 2011

LSU vs Alabama for the BCS National Championship

The honeybadger Tyrann Mathieu had an amazing game against Arkansas he had a 92 yrd punt return for a score and forced 2 fumbles as LSU easily beat Arkansas and will face Georgia for the SEC Championship game and should face Alabama again for the BCS National Championship.

This will be the game of the century LSU vs Alabama (the re-match)

I hope the BCS gets it right and puts Alabama in the championship game, I mean I really don't see how they couldn't since Alabama played LSU into overtime and lost 9-6 earlier this year.

Also I hope Trent Richardson gets the heisman trophy... after he had over 200 yrds in the iron bowl to me that should be enough for him to edge out Andrew Luck.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Smoking Joe Frazier dies at age 67

The boxing world is in a state of shock as former world champion smoking Joe Frazier has died from liver cancer at age 67.
Joe was seen singning autographs at Floyd Mayweathers last fight and seemed to be in good spirits as he chatted and signed many autographs for his fans.
Manny Pacquio said "boxing lost a great champion and the sport lost a great ambassador"
Don King was unable to make a statement himself,he was devastated by his death.
Some of Joe's best matche's was against Muhammad Ali

Smoking Joe traded punches with Ali for 14 rounds in one of the most brutal fights in history(their last fight against each other) but Fraziers corner threw in the towel because he could not see so Ali won the fight and said afterward that was the closest he ever came to dying.

But Smoking Joe did put Ali on the canvas with a left hook in the fight of the century at Madison Square Garden 1971 and at that time smoking Joe was the only person who defeated Muhammad Ali,he said later that it was the crowning moment in his life.

All told they fought 3 times for 41 rounds of boxing. Some of the best boxing matches ever.

Joe held the belt for 4 more fights until he lost a re-match with big George Foreman but could never seem to step out of Alis shadow.

George Foreman posted this on his twitter account: "Good Night Joe Frazier - I love you dear friend"

Ali said that he would always remember Joe with respect and admiration and my sympathy goes out to his family and loved ones.

I think smoking Joe Frazier had more heart than almost any other boxer and always gave 110% in and out of the ring, I know I will miss hearing him talk about the sport he loved so much.
I also think he should be remembered as a true champion who never did anything to bring dishonor to himself or his sport.

Rest in peace Smokin Joe - You are in the arms of angels