Thursday, October 20, 2011

NCAA college football picks week 6 October

Week 6 has some interesting games in NCAA college football.
Here are a few of the key games and my picks to win.

The red river shoot -out #3 Oklahoma is going to destroy Texas this weekend.
Look for a big game from sooners quaterback Landry Jones could have a record
breaking game against the weak Texas Longhorn defense,look for Jones to be
throwing to his sure handed  wide reciever Ryan Broyles and for Bob Stoopes
well coached defense to be all over Texas. #1 Oklahoma wins BIG

#2 Alabama is going to have a easy time beating Vanderbilt. I think this will be
Bamas 21st time beating Vandy in a row, the last time Vandy beat Alabama was
in 1984,it ain't gonna happen Saturday. Look for a NFL style defense and
Trent Richardson & Eddie Lacy pilling up the yards and touchdowns.
I think Alabama will win the BCS national Championship this year,they are
that good. Look at the video below of how they destroyed Florida.

Speaking of #17 Florida I can't remeber the last time they lost 2 games in a row but
but after Sat you can make it 2 for them because they aren't going to beat #1 LSU
Look for Tyrann Mathieu to continue his heisman run after LSU easily beats
Florida. Les miles Tigers are going to destroy Will Muschamps Florida Gators

This next game could go either way but I am going to pick #10 Arkansas to beat
#15 Auburn simply because of how they made the amazing comback last week.
It will be a close game but I think Auburns defemse will let Arkansas have
too many big plays and they will win a close game. Auburn coach Gene Chizick
has allowed Auburn to get into a habit of winning games late and I just don't think
they will beat Arkansas, I may be wrong but I am sticking with the HOGS

For my last pick of the week I am going to pick Nebraska to easily beat Ohio State.
Ohio State just looks pathetic on both sides of the ball right now and I just don't see
Nebraska not winning this game.

Please keep in mind that anything can happen in college football but I have a solid
record of picking games,I have only had one miss pick this year and that was
when Clemson beat Auburn,I went against my gut and it cost me having a perfect
season this year.

Have a good weekend and enjoy all the games

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