Saturday, October 22, 2011

NCAA college football week 8 picks analysis

The game of the day

Well all I can say is Roll tide, what a game that the #2 Alabama Crimson Tide played against Derrick Dolley's Tennessee Vols.

The game went just about like I thought it would except that I didn't think Tennessee would play such good defense in the first half of the game.I will give credit where it is due TN came to play but Alabama's strength just took over after halftime.

I knew coach Nick Saban wouldn't show much on defense and I also thought he would open up the passing game just like he did in the 2nd half and I have to take my hat off to AJ McCarron who was having a bad game up to that point to maintain focus and put the game away in the second half.
In the 94th meeting with the University of Tennessee, Alabama scored 21points in 12 plays and showed the Volunteers that they are a real threat to win the BCS championship.

AJ McCarron throws a pick
UT takes a 3 point lead
End of 1st quarter play
Alabama takes the lead
Key Play Fake punt from TN
Alabama's running back Trent Richardson
After halftime the rout is on
AJ McCarron runs it in
AJ McCarron throws it in
Trent Richardson gets the tide rolling
30 unanswered points Trent Richardson for Heisman

#1 LSU easily beats #20 Auburn

Les Mile's LSU tigers put a whopping on Auburn and made last years BCS champs look really bad.
The final score being LSU 45 Auburn 10 was really deceptive.It was Auburns worse loss in 15 years.
LSU could've held Auburn scoreless in this game if the mad hatter would have wanted them to.
Enjoy the videos.
                                                LSU's opening drive (a easy touchdown)
LSU has a stingy defense
Auburn gets 3 LSU didn't have the honeybadger
Jordon Jefferson is amazing
Reuben Randall had a big game
LSU Touchdown
LSU back Kenny Hilliard is awesome
LSU defense scoring points

Notre Dame's winning streak is over

In case you haven't noticed I don't just pick the obvious winners every week.
Although I am 33 out of 35 for the year after today I have been on a hot streak.
I really thought that Notre Dame would beat USC because I didn't think USC had a running game at all and it was a 24-17 usc lead with 1st and goal for Notre Dame and they turned it over twice and the final score was 35-17 so I did lose that one but I also said if USC played like they did last week they would win, the score truly does not show how close of a game this was.
Anyway Notre Dame is gonna have another average season which is a shame for the senors on that talented team who deserved to go out big winners.
Oklahoma State is real.

The cowboys win 45-24 - it is their 9th staight road win.
Brandon Weeden marched out there and showed everyone that he is indeed one of the best QBs in the nation as they easily beat Missouri who had a 10 game home winning streak snapped today.
Weeden was 33 for 49 for 338 yards after a sizzling start and extended his streak of 30-yard completions to 15 games. The 28-year-old senior was 19 for 25 for 214 yards in the first quarter, with all six incompletions on drops.
I didn't expect Joseph Randle to have the 4 TD day I thought it would've been Justin Blackman.
But the Cowboys are real and I can't wait to watch them beat the Sooners at the end of the year.

#6 Wisconsin vs #16 Michigan State

Michigan State steals it 37-31
Wisconsin is heavily favored in this game but I told you I would take State to pull off an upset.
We get to the 4th quarter with 1:26 seconds left and Michigan State has a chance to steal this game.
I am literally writing this on the fly right now.
Michigan State is trying to set up a field goal for their kicker  who has already kicked a 50 yarder against Ohio State earlier this year, in fact he has 3 50 yarders this yr.
State's running back Bell has cuaght 2 completions for a 1st down and their is .41 seconds to go.
Cousin's  hits bell across the middle to set up Conroy for the game winning field goal.
I think he needs about 5 more yards but there is only .10 seconds on clock.
Cousin's made a bad play by trying a rollout pass which was incomplete and it left only :04 secs on the clock.
Cousin's threw a hail mary to Nicohls and he caught  it and fought 3 Wisconsin defenders for a Michigan State TD, this is a instant classic and I hope you enjoy the video below.

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