Thursday, October 20, 2011

Analysis of my week 6 NCAA college football picks

I had a good week

I went 5 for 5 making my picks 29 out of 30 for the year.

I'll start of with the team I think is going to win it all this year.
The #2 ranked Alabama Crimson tide had a great homecoming game
destroying Vanderbuilt for the 21st consecutive time.
Vanderbuilt played hard in the first half but they allowed 34 points
which is one more point than Vandy's defense has allowed all year.

Look at this amazing grab that DeAndrew White made, he had 2 touchdowns
in the game and looked awesome.

Darius Hanks made a NFL stlye catch for A.J. McCarron check it out ;0)

Why isn't Trent Richardson a heisman front runner his stats are better than
Mark Ingram's was 6 games into Ingram's heisman year? Look at this man
run the football, he is a juggernaut.

Nebrask had a record setting day

The game of the day turned out to be Nebraska coming back and beating Ohio State.
I thought that Nebraska would easily win this game and was shocked when I turned
it on and the score was 27-6 and the buckeyes had the lead and the ball.
But a turnover turned it all around and Nebraska had a day for the record books
when they over came the largest deficit in school history to win 34 to 27.
The key to Nebraska's victory in my opinion was the play of their quarterback
and by the player of the game #22 Rex Burhead, he went off in the 2nd half
putting the team on his back and carrying them to victory, Nebraska scored 28
unanswerd points in the best comeback in school history.

The Red River Shoot-Out was a Oklahoma Blow-Out

Just as I had predicted Oklahoma easily beat Texas but I didn't think that OU
would have 3 defensive scores, That is scary because they are so good on offense.
It would not surprise me at all if Oklahoma is sitting at number one #1 when the
first BCS polls come out next Sunday. I think OU is playing as good as anyone
on bith side of the ball right now and Bob Stoopes is a great coach they are gonna
be playing in the BCS national championship game in my opinion it is just a
question of who are they gonna play Alabama or LSU.

Back in the Southeastern Conference

Arkansas finally beats Auburn 38 to 14
While the score makes it looks like the hogs just blew out Auburn it really
was a close game. Auburn was ahead for most of the first half of the game
and it was back and forth with both teams scoring but Arkansas coach Bobby Petrino
saw what Auburn was doing and got his defense to stop it.
The hogs sealed the win in the 4th quarter when Tremaine Thomas picked off a pass.

LSU dominated Florida winning 41-11

Les Mile's LSU tigers are playing as good as anyone right now.
They have a fast defense and the easily beat Florida.
I didn't watch the game but I saw the highlights to what they did to Florida.
It was pure domination.
I hate to look ahead but Alabama and LSU may be the game of the year.
I just hope BAMA can pull off a big win.

I hope you enjoyed the article, I will keep you all posted on this weeks game
probally around Wed.

Until then Roll Tide!

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