Thursday, October 20, 2011

NCAA College Football week 8 picks

Well there are some interesting games this week I'll go ahead and start out with one of the best rivalry games in all of NCAA college football.

#2 Alabama Crimson Tide vs Tennessee Vols

Derrick Dooley has made some good progress at UT but it isn't gonna do any good aginst Alabama, I know coach Saban has been upset this week by the distractions of the media etc but UA will be ready and I look for them to open up the passing game.
Look for McCarron to throw atleast 2 touchdowns and a defensive score as Alabama defeats Tennesee.
Even Dooley's mom can't stop Alabama the tide is going to roll.
Bama wins it by 10

#4 Oklahoma State vs Missouri

I don't think most people realize how good Oklahoma state is, their quarterbacks are as good as any  in the NCAA and Brandon Weeden will have a huge day throwing to one of the best of not the best wide reciever in the country Justin Blackman.
I look for them to light up the scoreboard against a good Missouri team and win easily.
I will be watching states defense real close because if they wanna beat Oklahome this year they had better be able to play some defense.
Many people think this is gonna be a close game I don't I think state wins it by atleast 2 touchdowns.

#1 LSU vs #20 Auburn

I think Auburn will play LSU a hard game but I just don't think that they can beat LSU.
Even though the honeybadger Tyrann Mathieu will be sitting out of this game LSUs defense is too fast for Auburn.
LSU \'s coach Les Miles has suspended 3 players for the game but he wasn't even worried about heisman hopefull Mathieu sitting out.
I think Auburn will run it hard and keep it close but LSU will win this game.

My upsets of the week

#6 Wisconsin vs #16 Michigan State

I think that Michigan state is going to beat Wisconsin.
I know it is going to be a good game but I think State has played and beaten the better teams this year and they are gonna play there absolute best and beat Wisconsin by a field goal.
I know it sounds crazy but that is my pick and I am sticking to it.

USC vs Notre Dame

If USC plays like they did last week they will beat Notre Dame but I don't think they will.
I think Notre Dame is looking at this game as their bowl game and they are gonna go out and beat USC and make Layne Kiffin cry like a baby.
I look for them to really pressure Matt Barkley and make him throw some picks and to run a ball control type offence and steal this game.

You have got to admit I have really put out some dangerous picks this week but that is what makes college football so much fun.

Look for my week 8 recap by Monday

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