Thursday, October 20, 2011

Trent Richardson jumps to 2nd in Heisman voting.

Well it may seen that Stanford's Quarterback Andrew Luck has the Heisman trophy locked up as of now take a minute and conside this, Trent Richardson has jumped to 2nd place in the voting as of right now and he has more rushing yards and touchdowns than Mark Ingram did when he won it year before last.
If Alabama goes undefeated and wins another BCS championship would he not be deserving of the Heisman. I SAY YES

Look at this amazing run!

Trent Richardson is the number one back in all of NCAA football right now.
He is atleast as good as Mark Ingram or better
He doesn't get taken down by the first guy most of the time.
He is so strong the coaches won't even let him lift the amount of weight he wants too.
He will do well at the next level.

Not to take anything away from mr. Luck but the SEC is much harder conference to play in and if Alabama runs the table I think Trent Richardson will truly be the best player in college football this year.

I can't really see Stanford losing due to their schedule, but I don't see Alabama losing either.
They simply are that good.

Alabama is gonna be good for the next few years, very good. Infact our 3rd string guys are better than a lot of teams starters and I give the credit to our coach & recruiter Nick Saban.

Lacey and Fowler are awesome too.

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