Thursday, October 20, 2011

#3 Alabama Crimson Tide CHOMPS the #12 Florida Gators

Well I never like to say I told you so , so I won't but to say that #3 ranked Alabama beat #12 ranked Florida is a understatment.

The game got off to a quick start when John Brantley threw a TD on Florida's first play from scrimmage.
See the video below.
But after that it was pretty much all Alabama.
The biggest play of the whole game was when Courtney Upshaw  got a pick 6 off of Florida quarterback John Brantley.

After that Alabamas defense was ruthless,Upshaw and Hightower knocked Brantley out of the game just like I said they would in my blog last week and if was all Alabama after that.

Look at this beautiful run that Trent Richardson made against the awesome Florida defense.
Later in the game Eddie Lacey got a easy walk in touchdown against the gators brutal running defense.
I just don't think Alabama's defense is getting enough credit look at this beautiful play where they hold Florida out of the endzone with a 1 and 10 in the redzone.
If there is a better runner in all of the NCAA football please tell me because I haven't seen anyone run as hard as Trent Richardson, why isn't his name coming up when people are talking about the heisman trophy,his team is undeafeated and he is getting better every game, I think he is a Heisman canidate,he has to be.
When you look at the beating that Alabama put on Florida in the swamp you have to appreciate it,Florida is one of the best teams in the country and the swamp is as hard to play at as any place in all the NCAA, also Will MUschamp is a top coach and you can see how frustrated he was by Alabama's awesome team.If you watch the video close they hit bamas kicker and bama returned the favor by taking out the return man.
Again I think the turning point in this game was all the pressure Alabama's defense put on Floridas quarterback John Brantley, look at this amazing play when Brantley felt the pressure and threw the ball to Courtney Upshaw and he returned it for 6, all I can say is AWESOME - Bama has a NFL calibur defense and I love it.
Roll tide people we gonna put it on everybody this year and yes that does include #1 ranked LSU.
And the Iron Bowl is gonna be different this year, Alabama is gonna be the BCS NATIONAL CHAMPIONS in 2011 and I LOVE IT -  ROLL TIDE ROLL

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