Saturday, September 22, 2012

Key College Football Games in week 4

I think there are (4) key games this week in College Football.

#10 Clemson vs #4 Florida State

#11 Notre Dame vs #18 Michigan

Missouri vs  #7 South Carolina

No #6 Oklahoma vs #15 Kansas State

Here are my picks

I think Florida St will beat Clemson by a touchdown and remain undefeated,I also think the seminoles will be playing in the BCS Championship against #1 Alabama since USC lost to Stanford last week.

I think Notre Dame will beat Michigan like they stole something from them, in the last 2 years Michigan has won this game on the final drives of the games, this year will be different Notre Dame offense will score 40 points and beat Michigan.

South Carolina will beat Missouri by 2 touchdowns by simply running the ball straight down Missouri's defense.

The upset of the day will be Kansas St beating Oklahoma.
If Kansas State can get 100 yards rushing they will beat Oklahoma,the X factor in this game is the play of the quarterback. Kansas state by a field goal in a nail biter.

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